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Policy and Press Coverage (Selected)


  •  “美学者认为俄罗斯转向亚洲战略的结果喜忧参半” [US scholars believe that the results of Russia’s shift to Asia strategy are mixed”],  欧亚战略研究简报第23期 ["Eurasian Strategic Studies Brief No. 23"] , June 24, 2020,

    • Research on “Russia’s pivot to Asia” featured alongside works by eleven leading policymakers and academics, including Victoria Nuland, Former US Ambassador to NATO; Andrey Kortnov, Dean of the Russian Academy of Foreign Affairs; Vladimirovich Yakovenko, Former Russian Ambassador to the UK)

Articles and Reports Included in Academic Syllabi

Scholarship Cited in Academic Sources (Selected) 


  • Томас Грэм, “Китай – Россия – США: отношения и стратегические треугольники. – Полис,” Политические исследования № 6 (2020): 62-72,

    • English version available at: Thomas Graham, "China-Russia-US Relations and Strategic Triangles" Polis. Political Studies, no. 6 (2020): 62-72. (In Russ.).

  • Ryan Cardwell and Pascal L. Ghazalian, “COVID-19 and International Food Assistance: Policy proposals to keep food flowing,” World Development 135 (2020)

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